Please contact Studio Art to discuss custom work, volume orders, and details concerning completed pieces.  Thank you for your interst in my art.

Ilene Phelan

Ilene Phelan


Originally a graphic designer, I am driven by the need for creative expression.  The journey of experimenting with clay and glass as mediums is extraordinary, especially when new ideas work.  Thank you for your interest in my handcrafted pottery and fused glass pieces.



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"The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection."
- Michelangelo

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Dichroic Glass & Fused Glass Art

Glass art is the perfect way to use my imagination and creativity to combine color and texture. The process consists of firing a mosaic of compatible glass in a kiln to varying and extreme temperatures, which alter the very nature of the glass. During each firing unexpected and wonderful things can happen, which is why each piece is truly unique and no two can be exactly alike.

Studio Art is home to amazing fused glass jewelry, ornaments, and wine charms sure to complement your individual sense of style. Some pieces are focused around their shape and texture, while others feature the vibrant colors found in dichroic glass.

What is dichroic glass? Fused dichroic glass gives artists like me endless design opportunities! The glass exhibits both a transmitted color seen when holding the glass directly at light and a reflected color seen when the glass is placed against a dark background. With the play of light, fused dichroic glass is difficult to photograph. If you love how it looks here, imagine how vibrant and spectacular it will be in person. Dichroic fused glass is a medium that adds interest and personality to my art. Studio Art is more than happy to discuss custom pieces, details on completed works, and volume orders.

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